5000 miles

I have a goal: bike 5000 miles in one year. This is my progress.

miles by date

Thu, January 6th4.5 (Helga)
Fri, January 14th2.75 (Helga)
Sat, January 15th4.75 (Helga)
Sun, January 16th3.50 (Stationary)
Mon, January 17th10.00 (Stationary)
Tue, January 18th2.25 (Sven)
Wed, January 19th2.25 (Helga)
9.50 (Stationary)
Thu, January 20th2.25 (Helga)
Wed, January 26th2.25 (Stationary)
Thu, January 27th14.50 (Sven)
Fri, January 28th5.75 (Sven)
Sat, January 29th2.25 (Stationary)
Tue, February 1st7.25 (Stationary)
Tue, February 8th4.00 (Stationary)
Thu, February 10th15.25 (Stationary)
Fri, February 11th4.50 (Helga)
Tue, February 15th4.75 (Sven)
Wed, February 16th16.50 (Sven)
Thu, February 17th4.50 (Sven)
Sat, February 19th16.75 (Sven)
Mon, February 21st4.50 (Sven)
Tue, February 22nd6.75 (Sven)
Wed, February 23rd4.75 (Sven)
Thu, February 24th2.25 (Sven)
Sat, February 26th18.50 (Sven)
Mon, February 28th4.50 (Sven)
Tue, March 1st6.00 (Sven)
Thu, March 3rd5.00 (Sven)
Fri, March 4th6.25 (Helga)
Mon, March 7th4.50 (Helga)
Tue, March 8th4.50 (Helga)
Wed, March 9th2.75 (Sven)
Thu, March 10th4.50 (Sven)
Fri, March 11th4.50 (Sven)
Sat, March 12th30.00 (Sven)
Tue, March 15th4.50 (Sven)
Wed, March 16th5.50 (Sven)
Wed, March 30th4.75 (Sven)
Mon, April 4th4.50 (Sven)
Tue, April 5th4.50 (Sven)
Wed, April 6th4.50 (Helga)
Thu, April 7th2.25 (Sven)
Fri, April 8th4.50 (Sven)
Sat, April 9th8.00 (Sven)
Sun, April 10th1.50 (Sven)
Mon, April 11th8.00 (Sven)
Tue, April 12th4.50 (Sven)
Wed, April 13th4.50 (Sven)
Fri, April 15th7.50 (Sven)
Sat, April 16th8.25 (Sven)
10.00 (Stationary)
Mon, April 18th4.25 (Sven)
Tue, April 19th2.50 (Sven)
Wed, April 20th4.50 (Sven)
Thu, April 21st4.50 (Helga)
Fri, April 22nd4.50 (Sven)
Tue, April 26th2.25 (Sven)
Wed, April 27th4.50 (Sven)
Fri, April 29th4.50 (Sven)
Sat, April 30th2.50 (Sven)
Mon, May 2nd4.00 (Sven)
Tue, May 3rd2.25 (Sven)
Wed, May 4th7.25 (Sven)
Sat, May 7th35.75 (Sven)
Mon, May 9th4.50 (Sven)
Tue, May 10th4.50 (Sven)
Fri, May 13th4.50 (Sven)
Sat, May 14th36.25 (Sven)
Mon, May 16th3.75 (Sven)
Thu, May 19th2.25 (Helga)
Fri, May 20th2.25 (Helga)
Sat, May 21st32.00 (Sven)
Mon, May 23rd2.25 (Helga)
Tue, May 24th4.50 (Sven)
Wed, May 25th4.50 (Helga)
Thu, May 26th10.25 (Sven)
Mon, May 30th2.00 (Helga)
Tue, May 31st13.50 (Sven)
Wed, June 1st4.50 (Sven)
Thu, June 2nd4.50 (Sven)
Tue, June 14th4.50 (Sven)
Wed, June 15th4.50 (Sven)
Thu, June 16th4.50 (Sven)
Fri, June 17th2.25 (Sven)
Sat, June 18th9.00 (Sven)
Mon, June 20th4.50 (Sven)
Tue, June 21st4.50 (Sven)
Wed, June 22nd5.25 (Sven)
Thu, June 23rd4.50 (Sven)
Fri, June 24th4.50 (Sven)
Sat, June 25th6.00 (Sven)
Mon, June 27th4.50 (Sven)
Tue, June 28th4.50 (Sven)
Wed, June 29th4.50 (Sven)
Thu, June 30th4.50 (Sven)
Sat, July 2nd35.75 (Sven)
Mon, July 4th26.50 (Sven)
Tue, July 5th4.50 (Sven)
Wed, July 6th4.50 (Sven)
Thu, July 7th2.25 (Sven)
Fri, July 8th4.50 (Sven)
Mon, July 11th4.50 (Sven)
Thu, July 14th4.50 (Helga)
Sun, July 17th1.00 (Sven)
Mon, July 18th6.00 (Sven)
Tue, July 19th4.50 (Sven)
Wed, July 20th4.50 (Sven)
Thu, July 21st4.50 (Sven)
Tue, July 26th4.50 (Sven)
Wed, July 27th4.50 (Sven)
Thu, July 28th4.50 (Sven)

miles by bike


average miles per week


This number must be above 96 for me to be on target to reach 5000 miles by the end of the year.